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- Name Change Press Release (DOC 283K)
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- 2014 Learning Conference Materials

- A Message From Your President
- Learning Forward Kansas Mission
- 2014-2015 Board Members
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> Why Quality Professional Development for Teachers Matters
"If students aren't learning, it doesn't matter what we do; we are just spinning our wheels!" and that convinced the rest... Yet all were wrong...

> 8 incredibly easy steps to a professional development makeover
School district expert says good professional development takes common sense, taking advantage of your best resource.

> Why does Professional Learning matter?
Stephanie Hirsh shared about the impact of professional learning with attendees of the Learning Conference... but she didn't come with all the answers...

KLFA Video Resource
The latest video from Kansas Learning First Alliance (KLFA) dispels myths about the Kansas College and Career Ready Standards, discusses the use of student performance for teacher evaluation, shares information about the changes in state assessments and district accreditation, and provides ideas on how you might support your local schools.
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NEW! Standards for Professional Learning

Learning Forward recently released the newly revised Standards for Professional Learning, the third iteration of standards outlining the characteristics of professional learning that lead to effective teaching practices, supportive leadership, and improved student results.

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Want a better understanding of the new Professional Learning Standards?
Including podcasts and other great resources that focus on the Professional Learning Standards!
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