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A Message from the LFKS President


As a former middle and high school football coach, I gave my share of pregame pep talk speeches. We gathered the team in an endzone or locker room and helped them focus on the game. 13 to 18-year-old athletes needed basic reminders of who was on kickoff but inspirational words also helped to set the early tone of the game. I always tried to emulate the message that Jimmy Valvano described in his 1993 ESPY speech in which he describes the three things every person should do every day. Early in the season, we would outline the three priorities of the team and these traits focused any speech for my athletes. This fall I have challenged the Learning Forward Kansas (LFKS) board to focus on three simple concepts:

Go Big, Stay Calm, Be Positive.

Obviously, to “go big” one must have goals and aspirations, but the concept is larger. Too often educators are hesitant to attempt something different or push back against a new initiative.  To go big means to refuse to let fear of the unknown stop our efforts.  For years I have prescribed the concepts that Marainne Willamson outlined in her quote highlighted in the movie Coach Carter.   “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.  It is our Light, not our Darkness, that frightens us.”  Many educators tend to ”play it safe” and while we always want research-based methodologies, we stop short of achieving our ultimate greatness. Perhaps we fear how great our impact might be; we fear our light. Over the next year, LFKS will strive to go big and find new ways to spread the “how” of professional learning.    

Teaching during a pandemic, one can become overwhelmed easily. Teachers are balancing students in quarantine along with worrying about their own health. Educators throughout the state will need to remember to stay calm. I have always liked the analogy of a duck on water.   On the surface, educators will look graceful and calm, even when the world spins too more

Series Premiere! Inspired to Learn: Kansas Stories




By Vicki Bechard, LFKS Secretary and Dayna Richardson, LFKS Executive Director


Learning Forward Kansas is proud to announce that the complete professional learning series:  Inspired to Learn:  Kansas Stories is available on the LFKS website for immediate use by all Kansas educators.  This free, five video resource is accompanied by a facilitation guide for each video to create the most beneficial experience for users seeking to achieve effective professional learning in their school or district. Facilitation guides offer resources and strategies to enhance the video experience, modeling collaborative more

Professional Learning in the News

Celebrating Our Public Schools

Public Schools Week is February 24-28, 2020! This is a great opportunity to showcase all we do to support Kansas kids! The national Learning First Alliance (LFA) organization, which includes Learning Forward, has organized many celebrations for the week. It's a week for school board members, educators, and parents across the U.S. to highlight the importance of public education in their communities and with lawmakers. Nine out of 10 students in the United States - and Kansas - attend public schools.

How might your district/organization celebrate? more

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Connections in Kansas

Kansas Learning First Alliance Brings Membership Together for a Day of Professional Learning

News Release from KLFA
•April 8, 2021•

The Kansas Learning First Alliance (KLFA) held the final meeting of the academic year on April 8, 2021 at 4:00PM via Zoom. Laurie Curtis, KLFA Chair, welcomed attendees in support of strong public education in our state.

Members shared how their organization or community promoted Public Schools Week February 22-26.  Many organizations utilized the social media tools provided by the Learning First Alliance….

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Connections with Learning Forward

Top 15 Blogs Reflect High-Quality Professional Learning Priorities

Learning Forward Blog
•December, 2022•

At Learning Forward, our blog posts tend to feel more like lively conversations with our colleagues, partners, and clients. The blog is a space where Learning Forward staff members and guest authors endeavor to share timely and highly relevant insights for the benefit of our readers to keep them connected to resources and tools that can help them in their schools and districts.

Throughout the year, our blog covers a range of professional learning topics as well as news about our own organization.

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A Book Study Using Twitter

Article by Judy Beedles-Miller,
Assistant Superintendent,
Dodge City USD 443

Have you ever tried scheduling a book study? Selecting and providing a book is easy; finding a time for everyone to meet is difficult.Learn More Buttons in Colors Green


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~New! KESA Facilitation Guide PDF

Learning Forward Kansas has developed a Facilitation Guide to promote dialogue that increases understanding of KESA and the rubrics.

This resource is full of strategies (also known as protocols) to organize and facilitate professional learning discussions with educators and stakeholders that lead to success for all.Download


LFKS Newest Videos

Article by Vicki Bechard,
LFKS Secretary,
Dayna Richardson, Executive Director

LFKS releases Video #4 – Learning Designs and #5 – Learning Leaders as part of their grant award from Learning Forward.Learn More Buttons in Colors Green

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