Continuous Learning Plan Survey for Districts

Learning Forward Kansas (LFKS) wants to convey our thanks and heartfelt appreciation to you for your leadership and hard work this spring as you reshaped the learning for our Kansas kids during this pandemic.  

As you conclude the school year, we hope you and your district will take time to reflect on the challenges and successes of the fourth quarter as you quickly changed from face to face learning to online learning platforms.  To that end, LFKS has developed a survey to provide voice to Kansas educators regarding the teaching and learning experiences from spring 2020.  This survey is different from what KSDE is collecting because its purpose is to keep the information collected to inform local decisions – your district.  LFKS will not collect or use the data; YOU and your school district will do that. Of course this is totally optional as we realize you may have something that you are already using. 
LFKS encourages ALL districts to use a data collection tool to hear the voices of their teachers and leaders who implemented their Continuous Learning Plan(CLP) and navigated their redesign of instruction and learning. Our intention is to provide you with a tool so the data you collect can inform future decisions regarding teaching and learning as you plan for the 2020-21 school year in terms of best practices, professional learning, and prioritizing effective instructional designs. In addition, this data will support districts as you create contingency plans for when schools may be closed again at some point in the future if the severity of the spread of the virus resurges again. Yes, we all want to utilize what we learned from our most recent Continuous Learning Plan.
We have provided format options for this survey to best fit the needs of your system. To use this survey, please select which format you prefer and follow the directions below.
Directions for using the Google Form linked here: 

Click on the link – please do not make any changes before completing ALL of these steps as your changes will edit the original Click on the three dots in the top right corner 

  • Select “Make a copy” 
  • Access your copy at any time by navigating to your Google Drive 
Directions for using the Microsoft Form linked here: 
  • Click on the link and a copy of the form will be added to your Microsoft Office 365 Account 
  • Access your copy at any time by navigating to and logging in with your Office 365 credentials 
Things to consider before sending the form to your staff: 
  • Add demographic questions so you can disaggregate the data in meaningful ways Adjust the settings to collect email addresses depending on whether you want responses to anonymous 
  • Add, edit or remove questions to better fit the circumstances in your district/building
If you have questions or need assistance with using either form, please don’t hesitate to email the technology integration specialist on our team at She’s more than happy to assist.  #BetterTogether 
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