Cycle of Continuous Improvement Award

Deadline for submission of application: January 15th

Learning Forward Kansas (LFKS) wants to recognize a school team that successfully implements the cycle of continuous learning for professional learning that results in student achievement. The team demonstrates that it uses student learning data to set goals for student and educator learning, engages in collaborative professional learning, taps the expertise of team members and others when appropriate, reflects on the impact of their learning on student achievement, and engages in ongoing improvements.

Your school can apply by completing the following:

1. Prepare a 10-12 minute video that depicts your school team engaged in the cycle of continuous improvement as described in Learning Forward's definition of professional learning. The video must include identification of the school, district, location, and people included in the film.


** Becoming a Learning School by Joellen Killian and Patricia Roy may be used as a reference.

** "PD in Action" video clips on Learning Forward's Definition of Professional Learning page may be used as an example of professional learning interactions.

When your video is ready to upload, please contact Sherri Schwanz at for information about uploading it to our YouTube channel.

A collaboration of reviewers will independently score submissions using the Learning School Innovation Configuration Map (PDF 61 KB), Outcome 2.1-2.7. Final voting for the winning video will be made available to members of LFKS.

2. Please submit a document (no more than 5 pages) that includes:

  • Name of the school, school address, and phone number
  • Name of contact person, email of contact person, phone number of contact person
  • Name of school principal
  • Name of district superintendent and address
  • Description of how the team exemplifies Learning Forward's definition of professional development, including results the team has achieved over time
  • Schoolwide results in student achievement over the last three years
  • List of people included in the video, and the URL to your video submission.

3. Submit principal's letter of recommendation for the team on school/district letterhead.

4. Submit signed, original release forms from those included in the video giving Learning Forward Kansas permission to use the video on its website. Learning Forward Kansas may choose to post multiple videos. Use the Talent Release Form (61 KB) for this information.

5. Submit all the above items (postmarked on or before January 15th) to:

Sherri Schwarz, Learning Forward Kansas Awards Team
715 SW 10th Avenue
Topeka, KS 66612-1686

The winning school will be recognized at the LFKS Leadership Conference and this exemplary school will receive:

  • A certificate of recognition
  • A plaque for the school announcing the award
  • A one-year building membership in LFKS
  • Two registrations to a LFKS learning opportunity

Direct any questions concerning this application to Sherri Schwanz, Learning Forward Kansas Awards Team at

Deadline for submission of application: January 15th

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