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Fall Institute: The Right Stuff for Change

LFKS Fall Institute

The Right Stuff for Change

Collaboration • LeadershipIdentity

A one-day workshop provided by Learning Forward Kansas and facilitated by Toni Prickett

Workshop Details

Friday, November 9, 2018

9:00 am – 3:30 pm (lunch provided)
Registration Deadline: November 5, 2018

Facilitator: Toni Prickett


$175.00 Conference Registration

Discounts Available: 
CURRENT LFKS Member -$25.00 Discount
TEAMS Attending From the Same District -$10.00 Discount

LFKS Board Members -$10 Discount

*Note our Cancellation Policy: Cancellations must be received one week prior to an event to avoid being billed for the full registration amount.

Includes lunch

Location: Wichita State University-Metroplex, Wichita
5015 E. 29th St. N., Room 132
Enter through doors B, C, D, N

Click here for a map of the Building (PDF 862 KB)

Workshop Description:

It’s an exciting time for education in Kansas as everyone experiences the KESA/redesign process and the changes that are occurring across our state. At the same time, change creates tensions that must be managed. How do we recover from the AYP Hangover and embrace KESA and redesign? The Right Stuff for moving Kansas forward includes collaborative teaming, new lenses for leadership, and a clear sense of identity.  Join us for an interactive day of learning that focuses on all 3 of these components. Engage with colleagues who will push your thinking about change and redesign in your district as well as tools you can use tomorrow to foster deeper conversations within your own system.

Participants will walk away with:

  • heightened consciousness regarding the what, why and how of collaboration;
  • awareness of “levels of learning;”
  • new lenses on how leaders can create and support change;
  • increased knowledge regarding two types of suspension required for conversation;
  • enhanced tools and strategies to support skillful collaboration.
  • expanded repertoire of practical facilitation tools

Leadership is not a role; it is how we function-our actions. Regardless of your title, you are a leader.  Teacher leaders are key to our success. Join together with other leaders as we learn and experience more tools to influence the thinking of teams/buildings/systems.

About the Facilitator

Toni Prickett is an international Training Associate for Thinking Collaborative, including Adaptive Schools and Cognitive Coaching. In this role, she has had the privilege of working with teachers, principals, central office administrators, district boards, state boards of education, private business, and industry. She is currently facilitating work in a variety of Kansas systems and working directly with KLN. Her primary focus is building capacity, collaboration and self-directedness in individuals and organizations.

Toni holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in mathematics education. Her background includes 20 years in public education in Kansas. She currently presents Cognitive Coaching, Adaptive Schools, Presentation Skills, and Harvesting Diversity to Create Resourceful Systems. Additionally, she is a trainer for Robert Kegan’s constructivist-development work around Immunities to Change.

Workshop Flyer:

Download Flyer (PDF 533 KB)


Fall Institute: The Feedback Process-It’s About Growth, Learning, Change-Learning Focused Feedback

LFKS Fall Institute

The Feedback Process-It’s About Growth, Learning, Change-Learning Focused Feedback

A one-day workshop provided by Learning Forward Kansas and facilitated by Joellen Killion


Workshop DetailsRegister-Button-300x105

Friday, November 17, 2017

9:00 am – 3:30 pm (lunch provided)
Registration Deadline: November 15, 2017

Facilitator: Joellen Killion

$150.00 Registration for LFKS Member
$175.00 Registration for Non LFKS Member

Includes book, lunch

Location: Wichita State University-Metroplex, Wichita

About the Facilitator

Jim Knight says…Joellen Killion’s book, The Feedback Process, is a must read. It provides a framework for educators as we focus on learning-focused feedback. What matters is growth, learning, and change. Is feedback about compliance or learning? We want feedback to be part of the learning partnership that helps learners create new and better understandings of how we do what we do. Joellen provides us with clear definitions, guidelines, reflection tools, and strategies to help all of us get better at the feedback process to enrich our own learning as we redesign our schools for student success.

In November, the LFKS Fall Institute welcomes my friend, Joellen Killion to Kansas. Joellen will engage educators as she focuses on learning-focused feedback. It will be a powerful day of learning together. Mark Your Calendars Now! —Jim 


Workshop Description:

As Kansas begins KESA (our new accreditation process), KansansCAN, our MOON SHOT, and redesigning our schools for the success of EACH student, different assumptions, attitudes, skills, and actions are wanted by all Kansas educators. Kansas Leaders are hungry for new skills, strategies, andprotocols as we begin this journey together.   

Join us November 17th in Wichita for a day of learning together. Learn how to create a culture in which educators routinely engage in the feedback process to promote their effectiveness and growth. Gain a deeper understanding of the types of the feedback and how to implement it to promote increased educator effectiveness and student success. 

Participants will:
*Develop an understanding of the purpose and definition of learning-focused feedback that makes it a learning experience;
*Identify components of an effective, learning-focused feedback process and conditions that support deep learning and change;
*Understand the connections between learning-focused feedback and KESA, KansansCAN, our MOON SHOT, and student success; and
*Create a plan to implement the attributes of effective learning-focused feedback based on your role (administrator, OVT chair, coach, mentor, teacher leader).


Workshop Flyer:

Download Flyer (PDF 10.9 MB)

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