Collective Leader Efficacy and De-Implementation

Peter DeWitt, Ed.D

Collective Leader Efficacy and De-Implementation:

Focusing Our Work on What Makes a Difference

  • How Do Leadership Teams Come Together? 
  • What are the keys to Collective Leader Efficacy?
  • How do we Harness the Power of our School Leadership Teams!
  • How do we Stop Doing Stuff that isn’t Making a Difference?  
  • How long does it take?

Conference Details

  • Peter DeWitt

Date:  June 13, 2023

Where: Wichita Metroplex

Conference Registration: $225


These are questions from Kansas school leaders as we continue focusing on STUDENT SUCCESS! No matter where we are in the KESA/Redesign process, we know the keys to success are Collective Leader Efficacy (CLE) and learning communities. 

Peter DeWitt’s work focuses on Collective Leader Efficacy, which is a shared conviction among a school team that they can and will improve the learning environment for all students. When leadership teams lack this conviction, it is often the result of failing to be intentional about their focus.  

We all know that teachers and leaders are being spread too thin by well-intentioned, but often low value practices that keep piling up. When it comes to school initiatives, more isn’t always better. To address this issue, DeWitt also focuses on de-implementation, which is the abandonment of low value practices. He will explore the different forms de-implementation can take and when it makes sense to use a formalized process to lessen waste, increase results, and support major school improvement efforts.  

During this all-day session on Tuesday, June 13 2023Peter DeWitt, E.D. will provide the research, explain the drivers and engage participants in a cycle of inquiry that will help leadership teams develop collective leader efficacy as a team as well as learning to stop doing the “stuff” that makes our plates so full!!

This session is perfect for teams (PLC, department, School-based, district).  During the day, teams will create 3 drivers, 2 roles for their team, and 1 goal as a team that they develop during a cycle of inquiry. There will be ample time for teams to engage in learning with Peter and one another, as well as work collaboratively around protocols. At the end of the day, teams will have established actionable steps they will engage in when they go back to school.

Participants will

  • Define collective leader efficacy (CLE)
  • Explore de-implementation as it relates to low value practices
  • Understand how our focus on control impacts our decision making
  • Understand how leadership teams function and shine
  • Identify the drivers necessary to develop collective leader efficacy as a team
  • Engage in a cycle of inquiry to define a theory of action, including de-implementation

Engage in the process of de-implementation that will move us forward 



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About the Facilitator

Peter DeWitt (Ed.D) is a former teacher (11 years) and principal (8 years) who facilitates workshops and provides keynotes nationally and internationally focusing on leadership, collective efficacy, coaching, fostering inclusive school climates, and de-implementation

Peter is the author of several books including Collaborative Leadership: 6 Influences That Matter Most (Corwin Press/Learning Forward) and School Climate: Leading with Collective Efficacy (Corwin Press/Ontario Principals Council. 2017), Coach It Further: Using the Art of Coaching to Improve School Leadership (Corwin Press. 2018), Instructional Leadership: Creating Practice Out of Theory (Corwin Press. 2020), Collective Leader Efficacy: Strengthening Instructional Leadership Teams (Corwin Press/Learning Forward. 2021), and The De-Implementation Handbook: Decluttering Our Low Value Practices (Corwin Press. 2022).

His articles have appeared in education journals at the state, national and international level, and he has presented at forums, conferences, and panel discussions at state, national and international conferences.

Workshop Flyer:

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