PLC Leadership Boot Camp

Garth Larson
Cale Birk

LFKS Learning Opportunity

Summer Happening 2021
PLC Leadership Boot Camp

How can we INCREASE the IMPACT that we can actually SEE in our classrooms?
How can PLC 2.0 INCREASE the power of our collaborative teams?

A learning workshop presented by Learning Forward Kansas featuring Garth Larson and Cale Birk



Workshop Details

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Workshop date:
August 27, 2021 9:15-3:30


Presenters: Garth Larson and Cale Birk

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Workshop Description:

Learning Forward Kansas (LFKS)  and Learner First Center for Observable Impact present PLC Leadership Boot Camp featuring Garth Larson and Cale Birk

“How can we help our PLC teams connect their collaborative work to observable impact in our classrooms (virtual or in-person)?” If this is a question that you are interested in answering for you and your PLC teams, this is the perfect opportunity for you. The research is clear-when we can help teams of teachers to connect their collaborative actions to the impact that can be observed in the classroom, we improve the most important factor in improving student achievement, collective teacher efficacy.

Join Cale Birk and Garth Larson for a high energy, practical workshop where you will be guided through tools from The PLC 2.0 Toolkit that you can take away and use immediately in a virtual or face-to-face meeting with your collaborative teams. You will leave with a series of tools and protocols that you can use to “pump up” your PLCs by helping them connect their collaborative actions to OBSERVABLE impact –the impact that they can see where it matters the most–in classrooms with our students and educators.



About the Facilitators

Presenters Garth Larson and Cale Birk, authors of the book, PLC 2.0- Collaborating for Observable Impact in Today’s Schools, will share the “big ideas” of PLC 2.0 via ZOOM.  This webinar will set the stage for the in-person session LFKS is hosting on August 27. PLUS the authors will return to Kansas second semester to work with more educators! 

Garth and Cale recently presented a free 90-minute webinar focusing on collaborative actions that lead to observable impact in our classroom and collaborative teams. Here is a link to the webinar:

If you have created time for teachers to examine and reflect upon your practice, you are doing the right work–the research for collaborative time is clear. However, putting research into PRACTICE of collaboration can often be more challenging for our PLCs. But the real question is: “How can we increase the observable impact–the impact that we can actually see in our classrooms–for each of our collaborative teams in our school or district?” Introducing PLC 2.0 and the Observable Impact Model, the differentiated framework for PLCs and continuous improvement that Jenni Donohoo, author and world thought leader for Collective Teacher Efficacy, calls “the next iteration of PLCs needed to realize sustainable school improvement.”



Workshop Flyer:

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