Introduction to the Professional Learning Standards


Standards for Professional Learning offer educators the latest knowledge and insights to design, implement, and sustain high-quality professional learning.


Standards for Professional Learning lead to high-quality professional learning, which leads to positive changes in educator knowledge, skills, and dispositions, which lead to improvements in educator practice, which in turn lead to accelerated student results.

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Self Assessment


This resource identifies challenges that result when specific Standards for Professional Learning are missing and compares them to improved outcomes associated with intentionally including the same standard.This chart, although not exhaustive, helps educators identify and address gaps in their systems for professional learning.


To improve outcomes for each learner, educators integrate multiple components of professional learning, creating a cohesive system. Standards for Professional Learning describe the critical components of that system. When a standard is missing, the system is incomplete and specific challenges arise. 

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Advancing Outcomes for All Learners Document

Inspired to Learn: Kansas Stories

The Learning Forward Kansas video series, Inspired to Learn: Kansas Stories, is designed to be a set of tools that support schools on their professional learning journey to excellent teaching and learning every day.

Each video targets a specific topic around effective professional learning and includes Kansas educators sharing their expertise.

Each video is accompanied by a Facilitation Guide to provide educators, leaders, teams, and schools with strategies and protocols that will allow them to explore the topic more extensively and make connections to their local journey.

Podcasts by Dayna Richardson

Former LFKS Executive Director and educational leader in Kansas, Dayna Richardson, left a legacy of over 30 podcast episodes in which she interviewed state and national leaders who shared their insights and experiences related to quality learning practices and environments.

Tips, Tools, and Protocols

Learning Forward Kansas has developed a facilitation guide to support your learning conversations around any issue/topic/complex change.

This quick go-to resource assembles a variety of tools/strategies for facilitators to use.

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