A Message from the LFKS Executive Director

After a year and more of COVID altering teaching and learning for students and educators, LFKS is seeking to help schools start the upcoming school year using lessons learned during the pandemic as we reopen…..differently!

The past several years LFKS has worked hard in support of Kansas educators. It was a joy to receive the Learning Forward Foundation Affiliate Grant in 2015 that allowed us to visit many Kansas schools and create a video series around the WHY, WHAT and HOW of effective professional learning (that included the Standards of Professional Learning).  Inspired to Learn:  Kansas Stories (videos and accompanying resource guides) were/are free for all educators and schools to use to help them better understand and implement effective professional learning, learning communities and collective efficacy in Kansas. Also during this time we created other Facilitation Guides that contained protocols, ideas, and strategies to facilitate professional learning. While these resources were well received and still being used by many Kansas educators, school needs are changing and LFKS plans to meet these changing needs. 

LFKS is creating new ways to support educators using online formats in conjunction with our in-person Institutes and Conferences. These virtual sessions will allow us to reach more Kansas leaders. Do keep reading our newsletters, emails, tweets and posts for our 2021-2022 learning sessions!!   

It is always a BOTH/AND, not either/or.
Happy Learning and Leading!

Yes, the JOY is in the journey!

Dayna Richardson, Executive Director
Learning Forward Kansas


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