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Former LFKS Executive Director and educational leader in Kansas, Dayna Richardson, left a legacy of over 30 podcast episodes in which she interviewed state and national leaders who shared their insights and experiences related to quality learning practices and environments.

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Dennis Sparks | Marcetta Reilly | Bruce Wellman | Janice Bradley | Pat Roy | Nancy Bolz | Frederick Brown | Julie Blaine | René Islas | Toni Prickett | Steve Barkley | Steve Preston | Tamara Konrade | John Heim | Karen Godfrey | Diane DeBacker | Jill Lachenmayr | Cindy Couchman | Mike Berblinger | Joellen Killian | Stephanie Hirsch | Shirley Hord | Dayna Richardson

An interview with Dayna Richardson: Professional Learning Standards (Remarkable Chatter #3)


Professional Learning Standards: Introduction (Sticky Standards #1)


Professional Learning Standards: Overview (Sticky Standards #2)


Learning Communities: Overview (Sticky Standards #3)


Leadership: Overview (Sticky Standards #4)


Resources: Overview (Sticky Standands #5)


Data: Overview (Sticky Standards #6)


Learning Designs: Overview (Sticky Standards #7)


Implementation: Overview (Sticky Standards #8)


Outcomes: Overview (Sticky Standards #9)


Implementation: A Conversation With Shirley Hord (Sticky Standards #10)


Gratitude: A Sticky Standards Special


Implementation: A Conversation With Shirley Hord (Sticky Standards #10)


Learning Communities: A Conversation with Shirley Hord (Sticky Standards #11)


Gratitude: A Sticky Standards Special


Professional Learning: A Conversation with Stephanie Hirsh (Sticky Standards #12)


Time is a Resource – A Conversation with Joellen Killion (Sticky Standards #13)


Leadership: A Conversation with Mike Berblinger (Sticky Standards #14)


Learning Communities: A Conversation with Cindy Couchman (Sticky Standards #15)


Learning Designs: A Conversation with Jill Lachenmayr (Sticky Standards #16)


Professional Learning: A State Perspective – A Conversation with Dr. Diane DeBacker, Kansas Commissioner of Education (Sticky Standards #17)
Professional Learning: A Teacher’s Perspective: A Conversation with Karen Godfrey, President of KNEA (Sticky Standards #18)


Transforming Professional Learning with Leaders From Learning Forward! (Sticky Standards #19)


Professional Learning in Action: A Conversation with John Heim (Sticky Standards #20)


Leadership Matters: A Conversation with Tamara Konrade (Sticky Standards #21)


Standards Assessment Inventory 2 (SAI2): A Conversation with Steve Preston (Sticky Standards #22)

WHY, HOW, WHAT is the Standards Assessment Inventory2 (SAI2): A Conversation with Steve Preston (Sticky Standards #23)


Learning Communities: What Do our Students Want (Need) Us to Learn? A Conversation with Steve Barkley (Sticky Standards #24)


Learning: A Conversation with Toni Prickett (Sticky Standards #25)
How do we Build GROUPS OF THINKERS? Connecting Educator Evaluation Systems and Professional


DATA: How Do We KNOW Professional Learning is Changing Practice Inside Classrooms? A Conversation with René Islas (Sticky Standards #26)


Learning Designs: Moving from Knowing to Doing – Looking at Student Work, A Conversation with Julie Blaine (Sticky Standards #27)


Principals Bring the Standards TO LIFE in a Building! A Conversation with Frederick Brown (Sticky Standards #28)


The Teacher is a Learner! A Conversation with Nancy Bolz (Sticky Standards #29)


One Size Does Not Fit All: A Conversation with Pat Roy (Sticky Standards #30)


It is about GROWTH not GOTCHA! Designing Schools for Meaningful Professional Learning: A Dialogue with Janice Bradley (Sticky Standards #31)


Tag…You’re it!! Teacher Leaders! A Dialogue with Bruce Wellman (Sticky Standards #32)


Be a Learning Partner: A Dialogue with Marceta Reilly (Sticky Standards #33)


Be the Change You Seek in our Schools: A Dialogue with Dennis Sparks (Sticky Standards #34)

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